Pres-to-Logs® Premium 100% Natural Fire Logs

Quality Makes the Difference

Pres-to-Logs® fire logs, like our Premium Lignetics Wood Pellets, are made from recycled, renewable saw mill waste. Pres-to-Logs® fire logs are manufactured under tight quality control to ensure moisture content is reduced to less than 8% compared to greenwood at 50% or more. This ensures that Pres-to-Logs® fire logs produce a higher BTU output, creating a fire that burns hotter, more efficiently and cleaner than cordwood. Pres-to-Logs® fire logs also produce less than 1% ash (with virtually no creosote emissions) which makes clean up easier than cord wood.

Environmental and Economic benefits 

Pres-to-Logs® fire logs are manufactured from 100% recycled, natural biomass material, reducing the amount of industry waste sent to landfills.

Because Lignetics Pres-to-Logs® fire logs are made from 100% natural material, they burn clean, releasing no chemical additives into the atmosphere, unlike wax logs. Our state-of-the-art production facilities ensure that all Lignetics Pres-to-Logs® fire logs are reduced to the optimal moisture content, which produces a hotter burn. By creating a hotter combustion temperature, our fire logs burn more efficiently (combust more completely) reducing gases that would normally escape into the atmosphere and create creosote build up in your chimney.

The Value of Pres-to-Logs® Premium Fire Logs

Since Pres-to-Logs® premium fire logs produce a hotter, more efficient and cleaner fire, you will burn less overall biomass to heat your home. This means less stress on you and your heating system, which reduces long term maintenance costs. Since our fire logs produce less creosote, chimney maintenance and the possibility of dangerous chimney fires are reduced.

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Pres-to-Logs Premium Fire Logs by Lignetics
Prest-to-Logs Lighting Instructions
Pres-to-Logs® fire logs help stimulate national industry. Not only do Pres-to-Logs® fire logs make economic sense for the individual user, our fire logs make sense for the United States economy. At the manufacturing level, we employ hundreds of people and we utilize other domestic industries for support. This use of American transportation, distributors, and other companies in the chain of production and delivery of fire logs helps to stimulate the U.S. economy.

The Green Alternative

Pres-to-Logs® fire logs are a cleaner and easier to manage heating source when compared to cordwood.

• Pres-to-Logs® fire logs are clean, uniform in size and burn consistency and bring no bugs, bark or dirt into your home.
• Pres-to-Logs® fire logs can be stored right in your house with little to no mess reducing your “trips to the woodpile.”
Because they are a recycled, high quality, dependable, clean, domestically produced fuel source, Lignetics Pres-to-Logs® (presto logs) fire logs are a great alternative to cord wood in your stove or fireplace.

CAUTION: Do not overfill the firebox. Each Pres-to-log® contains up to 42,500 BTU. Check with your appliance manufacturer on maximum fuel loading BEFORE LOADING APPLIANCE.  Failure to follow manufacturer’s guidelines could result in damage to your home and/or personal injury.