Lignetics Fire Starters

Our Fire Starters: Gel, Flake, Discs and Sticks

Lignetics produces a full line of fire starters in convenient, user-friendly packaging.

  • Flake fire starters are available in 16-ounce, re-sealable zip-lock bags.
  • Fire starter gel comes in a 16-ounce bottle with flip-top cap.
  • Fire starter discs are available in 10 per pack.

Our fire starters are easy to light and easy to use when starting your wood pellet stove, campfire, charcoal BBQ grill, wood stove, fireplace or your wood cook stove.

How to use Lignetics Fire Starters

Typically, our costumers use our fire starter gel with wood pellet stoves or charcoal barbecue’s. Simply squirt some of the gel onto the wood pellets or charcoal and light. The fire starter gel adheres to the wood pellets or charcoal brickets, keeping the whole process clean and simple. The gel flames instantly and quickly ignites the wood pellets or charcoal.

Our flake fire starter is also very easy to use to ignite wood pellets or charcoal barbecue’s. Simply mix in a large pinch of fire starter flake with the wood pellets or charcoal brickets and light. The fire starter flake instantly flames and quickly ignites the wood pellets or charcoal brickets.

The fire starter discs are a convenient and easy way to help ignite Pres-to-Logs® fire logs and cord wood. Simply place a fire starter disc among the logs and light. You will have a hot fire burning very quickly.

The fire starter sticks can also be used in conjunction with Pres-to-Logs® fire logs and are very convenient for camping because they are small in size and pack well. Our fire starter sticks light easily and will have your campfire going in no time. Our fire starter flake, discs and sticks are all-natural products that light even when wet. These are some of the most dependable fire starter products on the market today. Lignetics fire starters offer a safe, simple, and mess-free way to start any fire and are used in fireplaces, pellet fuel stoves, barbecues, wood/coal stoves and campfires.

Always store firestarters in a safe location away from heat sources.

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