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Lignetics Inc. is proud to unveil two new videos, which can be seen on our web site at or on YouTube.
The first video details the manufacturing process we use to make premium wood pellets and Pres-to-Logs® (presto logs) fire logs for home heating. In just over two minutes, you’ll see how we take waste sawdust and turn it into the highest quality wood fuel pellets available. From the conveyor belt to the tumble dryer and everything in between, we outline our method of manufacturing the best value and quality wood pellets available, using 100% environmentally friendly methods.
Our next presentation introduces you to Lignetics, Inc. in just a minute and a half. By sharing just a bit about our company’s history, it becomes clear that Lignetics, Inc. today has come a long way and is determined to continue this heritage of excellence. See how we became the premier pellet manufacturer in North America while remaining true to our dedication to high quality products and matchless customer service

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