Lignetics Premium Wood Pellet Fuel

Experience Plus Quality Control Makes Premium Wood Pellets

Lignetics wood pellets are made from recycled, renewable sawmill waste. Our wood pellets contain all-natural biomass products and are manufactured at the highest quality control levels, designating our wood pellet fuel as premium grade. Lignetics premium wood pellets produce a consistent, high BTU output and produce less than one percent ash. This translates to a hotter, more efficient burn, which means less wood pellets burned, fewer wood pellets purchased, less space needed for storage, fewer trips to the wood pellet hopper and less waste to clean up.
The emission rate for wood pellet stoves when using Lignetics premium wood pellets is approximately 1.2 grams per hour, which falls well below the nationwide EPA regulation of less than 7.5 grams per hour.

Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets Begin With Premium Raw Material

Quality of raw material to produce wood pellets can vary among species of trees and at Lignetics, we begin our production of wood pellet fuel with only the best. Lignetics wood pellets are made only from the finest premium quality western conifer sawdust at the West Coast Plant. At the East Coast plants, wood pellets are made only from the finest quality hardwood sawdust.
With Lignetics wood pellets, you can rest assured you’re purchasing the #1 wood pellet fuel value in America, from one of the oldest and most recognized names in the wood pellet industry. Lignetics wood pellets are safe, economical, convenient and environmentally friendly

Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets Are Produced in the United States
For Use in North America

Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets are made in the United States using renewable, recycled biomass produced in the United States. Lignetics is making a conscious effort to produce a useable wood pellet heating source from material that could otherwise be wasted. We are dedicated to producing the most efficient biomass heating source available. Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets are not only the best source for heating, they are helping to keep the United States economy in the U.S. Wood pellet fuel is a renewable heating source that includes many American-based industries. Material is recycled, gathered, manufactured as wood pellets, transported, distributed and used in wood pellet stoves that are produced in the United States. Wood pellet heat is a win-win source of heating for the U.S. economy. For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions page.